Construction works by Fournier Eddy SA, in Valais 

Build or renovate your home in central Valais

The builders at Fournier Eddy SA work on site to build or transform the outside of your property. Concrete, shuttering, bricklaying: they are masters of every stage of construction.

Plastering, natural stone or rockfill: you choose the external cladding of your walls.
The builders at Fournier Eddy lay stone slabs for terraces and balconies.

Apart from private individuals, local municipalities and architects can also make use of this Valais construction firm for rockfilled retaining walls for roads...

Our construction works
    • Building
    • Renovation 
    • Shuttering
    • Reinforcement
    • Plastering 
    • Alba slabs
    • Natural stone walls 
    • Dry stone walls
    • Rockfilled retaining walls for roads